Barham & Kamal Hussein Co

Barham & Kamal Hussein Co. specializes in trading with food items and particularly nuts. T he company main office is on AL-Yarmouk St, Amman – Jordan.
For than 25 years the Barham family continued running the business of this company generation after generation. This has given the management excellent experience on this kind of business, and as a result the company has continued to proper throughout the years. The basic objective has been to have a good share of the nuts market in particular and the food items in general. However, the management has a very clear vision about the prospects of business, and that has been embodied by a strong tendency to develop, expand and cope with competition.
As a result the company thought it would a good move to expand business by establish tow new branches. This initiative was taken with the aim of getting along with new developments, reaching higher levels of quality, and covering wider sections of the Jordanian, Arab and international markets. The company sought to be an ambassador of the local trade.
We are working continuous rategies, and marketing and selling plans just to cope with trade developments in the third millennium. We believe in free competition and survival of the “best” . We always seek to provide the best quality for the best price, and from this perspective we present out products of nuts items such as hazelnuts, almond, pistachio, peanuts, white seeds, Iranian seeds, types of nuts and food items.

At the international level the company management was inspired by His Majesty King Abdullah’s support for expansion of investment in establishing a company branch in Dubai. The rationale for this move was that Dubai is a very big open market for the whole word, and one strong link to the local trade .
This branch carries out its activities on international trade of food and nuts items. It has strong business connections with various countries of the world including Iran , china, the united States, India, Guaternala , Argentina, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Moldavia, Ukraine and Holland.


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