A lot of people have misconceptions about fats and oils, and there is a widespread belief that these “things” are dangerous in general. But the truth is that there are in fact good or mono fatty acids, and one basic element of this category is “nuts”.

Research has revealed that nuts have some role in eliminating the risks of heart diseases, and this is due to the fact that they contain high percentage of “good” fatty acids.
Among other benefits of nuts is that they contain a good level of food fibers that may reach 3% as in CASHEW AND HAZELNUT, and accordingly they have positive health effect as fiber is connected to alleviating some health disorders such as those of the colon, cholesterol, and triple fats.

Nuts also have potassium, which is considered as very important for strengthening and protection of the heart muscle. ALMOND has more than 750 milligrams of this element, while SUNFLOWER SEEDS have the highest amount that exceeds 900 milligrams.
Iron and Calcium are other two good elements that nuts have, and this would make them good for children and pregnant moment.

Therapeutically effects of nuts include supporting the intestinal system and supplying the body with essential elements and antioxidants that may protect the embryo against “ oxidants”, and this would make organs in full activity.

Modern studies on nuts stress the importance of this nutrition source. Nuts more have minerals than any other fruit, and this include phosphorus, which good to supporting brain and bones, sulfur, and potassium. HAZELNUT is one vital element for activating the function of the brain and bones, and treating children with cute anemia.

Nuts are rich with vitamin B, and fatty acids that are good for supporting the body cells. The value of a half kilo of WALNUT may equal 20 kilos of beef or mutton, and 3 kilos of chicken meat fat-free and about 2 kilos of eggs.

As it has high percentage of unsaturated fats, WALNUT , helps to lower “bad” cholesterol (LDL) in the blood within one month of having it in moderate amounts.
Moreover, walnuts, have great amounts of fats, and proteins that are similar to those of meat, and this would make vegetarian use WALNUT, ALMOND, AND HAZELNUTS as alternative to meat .

Almond is a good source for protein; one 100 grams have more than 19 grams of protein. It is also considered as one good source for basic elements for bone build-up such as Calcium as one hundred grams contain more than quite enough to maintain healthy bones among adults and the elderly, and protect them against fragility of bones.

In addition to that almond has a good amount of oils with good percentage of essential vitamins such as “A” “D” and “E” which are active against oxidation of some of the basic of the body cells.

Zinc is another component of almond. This element is basic to supporting growth and immunity, and promotes natural sexual maturity . Moreover, it may increase body height and maturity.

Almond has more that 50% of fats, but these are unsaturated mono fats, which are considered as “healthy” ones similar to those of the olive oil. Almond provides a good amount of vitamin-E fiber, and the amino acid Arginin, which operate as antioxidants and reduce harmful effects of Cholesterol as confirmed by one study carried out in 1994. However, the basic consideration is to have almond as a substitute to fatty food and not as a supplement to daily food intake. Almond gives some protection against heart disease. Sweet almond purifies the lungs and chest, and continuous intake would give the body strength, support the kidneys, eliminate wine burning and fortify body organs.


Peanut, like all other types of nuts gives a great amount of calories; one hundred grams give 520-630 calories. This is attributed to the fact that it has a very high percentage of fat. One hundred grams of shelled peanut give at about 580 calories.
Peanut has high percentage of mono unsaturated fatty acids, and as such it outperforms other types of nuts in lowering high bad cholesterol (LDL Lipo) which contributes to arteriosclerosis. This has promoted heart associations to recommend consumption of this type of (mono) fats.
However, it also contains high percentages of iron and calcium.


British scientists have found that having grape and peanut helps to fight cancerous tremors. The study published in “ Le Journal Sainte” pointed out that grape and peanut contain a natural element that transforms in the body into an anti-cancer material that attacks malignant & cells and destroys them without inflecting any damage to intact ones.
The researchers indicated that understanding the mechanism of this element may help to develop medications that would eliminate malignant cells, and treatments to cancer with less side effects.


Oil of hazelnut, the plant with the beautiful tree is used in skin ointment and medications. It is useful in fighting hair loss, and contains phosphorus, calcium, vitamin-B, some copper and iron, as well as protein which accounts for its effect in weight gain.
Hazelnut is useful for patients with tuberculosis, diabetes, kidney stones, urinary infection, rheumatism, and armed tapeworm.


Pine is recommended to respiratory disorders in general.


Nuts are a good source for protein, vitamins, and basic minerals. However, they also rich with calories and fats, especially when salted.
• Almond is a good source for calcium, zinc, Vitamin E, and Iron.
• Walnut contains essential amino acids (Omega 3 and 6) which are useful for the heart and joints.
• Brazilian nuts are the best source for immunity-supporting Selenium.


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